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Editorial services 

With over eight years of experience editing for various literary magazines and independent publishers, I have a comprehensive understanding of the revision process for creative manuscripts of any length, at any stage, including novels, novellas, story collections, poetry, essays, memoirs, or other forms. 

My approach to editing is very much as a service to the author, dedicated in respecting and bringing out the author's artistic vision to the fullest and truest extent. Using a soft-handed, democratic approach, I usually like to provide the author with a variety of options based on my own tastes, interests, and tools gained over the years of my experience to build the author's ability to make artistic choices they can feel confident in. What this looks like, concretely, is me showing the author different ways something can be done, depending on the author's intended vision. 

For any writer looking for guidance at any stage in the process, I am available for various types of editorial consultation for manuscripts, such as: 

Manuscript Consultation: 


Full consultation will include extensive line editing and in-line notes throughout your manuscript draft, as well as more general, 'big picture' feedback via an editorial letter, including consideration of form, structure, voice, and other important components of the work. Ongoing discussion about the manuscript will take place via email during the consultation; phone and Zoom meetings can also be arranged. Where applicable, I can also recommend publishers or publications that I might see as a good fit for your work.


Cost: My current base rate for full manuscript consultation is $.034 per word (10,000 words = $340) but can vary and act on a sliding scale pay rate, depending on the project length, along with the author's general needs. 

General Copyediting:


Basic line copyediting of completed manuscripts in preparation for print or submission, including feedback and line notes through the manuscript. 

Cost: My current base rate for general copywriting is $.015 per word (10,000 words = $150)


Please email me at to inquire for a custom quote on your particular project; include your current word count, as well as a personal assessment of the current direction and needs of your project.

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