Consolations of the Mask & Other Stories

Even though I am a descendant of Colombian Romani (formerly known as Gypsies) that once traveled through the Andes mountains reading palms and Tarot cards, I am not a psychic. Sucks, I know. But, I bet I can still tell you something about yourself: You have suffered—because you are human. I, too, have suffered, and in this, we find a connection. 

In CONSOLATIONS OF THE MASK & OTHER STORIES, each of the characters throughout these sixteen stories has undergone or are in the midst of trauma/suffering. From subtle traumas such as Eliza Benson, who suddenly becomes famous in a foreign country; Mike, who, on a hike at a dried-up lake, realizes his relationship is over but suffers a bodily injury that causes him to spiral into an existential crisis; Willard Elky, who thinks he sees himself on a billboard wanted for murder. To more deeper traumas such as a young man dealing with guilt and regret after his uncle’s suicide; Lene, a theoretical physicist, believes she is on the cusp of a breakthrough and meets Foster, a depressed man who has taken up driving with his eyes closed for fun; Esme Cruz, a Colombian immigrant and charity care officer who, amidst reoccurring panic attacks, finds comfort in pressing her panic button in hopes to be saved; Gio, who in therapy discovers his trauma may have been a fake memory implanted by a hypnotherapist. Throughout this collection, you will find interwoven themes of identity, race, grief, depression, anxiety, suicide, and obsession, mixed in with humor, satire, surreality, and Postmodernist twists on format. 


The collection is complete and currently sits at 64,147 words in length.